【Update model】

  1. Z2 / Z2 AIR (8th cpu/10th GPU) ver;
  2. X8ti / X8ti plus (8th cpu/10th GPU) ver;
  3. S1 plus;
  4. X3 8th Cpu ver.

【Update detail】

  1. add support for macos 10.15;
  2. fix bluetooth support for dw1560/dw1830;
  3. fix speaker card;
  4. other improvements;

【Update method】

  1. delete old file folders(boot & clover) and put new files here;

【Download Links】

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【Previous version】

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本文隐藏内容 登陆 后才可以浏览

本文隐藏内容 登陆 后才可以浏览


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