这是第二次OC测试,机型为X1与X6TI-S 7700HQ,其他机型陆续上线中,点击公众号广告可以帮助我更快适配哦。

【Update model】

  1. Mechrevo X1 I7-7700HQ;
  2. Mechrevo X1 I5-7300HQ;
  3. Mechrevo X6TI-S I7-7700HQ;
  4. Mechrevo X6TI-S I5-7300HQ;

【Update detail】

  1. Change bootloader from clover to opencore.
  2. Add GUI for opencore.
  3. Add support for catalina.

【Works well】

  1. CPU睿频
  2. HD630显卡
  3. ALC269声卡(麦克风/扬声器)
  4. USB端口补丁
  5. 睡眠唤醒
  6. 白果三码
  7. 电量显示
  8. 蓝牙(英特尔蓝牙)
  9. 内置有线网卡
  10. DW1820A(ID:4331-可选)
  11. OTA更新支持

【Not work】

  1. Nvidia GPU
  2. Intel wireless card.

【Reason for change】

  1. OC makes your mac boot faster.
  2. OC can support macos better than clover.
  3. OC makes your hackintosh works like mbp better.

【Change Method】

  1. Don't copy files to replace directly.
  2. Remove your old "BOOT" and "clover" folders and replace the "BOOT" and "OC" folders to the esp.
  3. If not work, please clean the nvram for the first time.

【Download links】

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  2. 本文隐藏内容 登陆 后才可以浏览


  1. You are welcome to comment below if any questions.
  2. You are welcome to give me some support if possible.(求打赏)