Whatevergreen V1.3.9 for mac


Lilu plugin providing patches to select GPUs on macOS. Requires Lilu 1.4.0 or newer.


  • Fixes boot to black screen on AMD and NVIDIA
  • Fixes sleep wake to black screen on AMD
  • Fixes boot screen distortion in certain cases
  • Fixes transmitter/encoder in autodetected connectors for multimonitor support (-raddvi)
  • Fixes HD 7730/7750/7770/R7 250/R7 250X initialisation (radpg=15)
  • Allows tuning of aty_config, aty_properties, cail_properties via ACPI
  • Allows enforcing 24-bit mode on unsupported displays (-rad24)
  • Allows booting without video acceleration (-radvesa)
  • Allows automatically setting GPU model name or providing it manually for RadeonFramebuffer
  • Allows specifying custom connectors via device properties for RadeonFramebuffer
  • Allows tuning autodetected connector priority via device properties (HD 7xxx or newer)
  • Fixes an issue in AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext so that we could use a MacPro6,1 board-id/model combination, without the usual hang with a black screen. Patching AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext
  • Modifies macOS to recognize NVIDIA’s web drivers as platform binaries. This resolves the issue with transparent windows without content, which appear for applications that use Metal and have Library Validation enabled. Common affected applications are iBooks and Little Snitch Network Monitor, though this patch is universal and fixes them all. NVWebDriverLibValFix
  • Injects IOVARendererID into GPU properties (required for Shiki-based solution for non-freezing Intel and/or any discrete GPU)
  • For Intel HD digital audio HDMI, DP, Digital DVI (Patches connector-type DP -> HDMI)
  • Fixes NVIDIA GPU interface stuttering on 10.13 (official and web drivers)
  • Fixes the kernel panic caused by an invalid link rate reported by DPCD on some laptops with Intel IGPU.
  • Fixes the infinite loop on establishing Intel HDMI connections with a higher pixel clock rate on Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake platforms.
  • Implements the driver support for onboard LSPCON chips to enable DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 output on some platforms with Intel IGPU.
  • Enforces complete modeset on non-built-in displays on Kaby Lake and newer to fix booting to black screen.
  • Allows non-supported cards to use HW video encoder (-radcodec)


Read FAQs and avoid asking any questions. No support is provided for the time being.

Boot arguments

  • -wegdbg to enable debug printing (available in DEBUG binaries).
  • -wegoff to disable WhateverGreen.
  • -wegbeta to enable WhateverGreen on unsupported os versions (10.13 and below are enabled by default).
  • -wegnoegpu to disable external GPU (or add disable-external-gpu property to IGPU).
  • -radvesa to disable ATI/AMD video acceleration completely.
  • -igfxvesa to boot Intel graphics without hardware acceleration (VESA mode).
  • -rad24 to enforce 24-bit display mode.
  • -raddvi to enable DVI transmitter correction (required for 290X, 370, etc.).
  • -radcodec to force the spoofed PID to be used in AMDRadeonVADriver
  • radpg=15 to disable several power-gating modes (see FAQ, required for Cape Verde GPUs).
  • agdpmod=vit9696 disables check for board-id (or add agdpmod property to external GPU).
  • agdpmod=pikera replaces board-id with board-ix
  • agdpmod=ignore disables AGDP patches (vit9696,pikera value is implicit default for external GPUs)
  • ngfxgl=1 boot argument (and disable-metal property) to disable Metal support on NVIDIA
  • ngfxcompat=1 boot argument (and force-compat property) to ignore compatibility check in NVDAStartupWeb
  • ngfxsubmit=0 boot argument (and disable-gfx-submit property) to disable interface stuttering fix on 10.13
  • gfxrst=1 to prefer drawing Apple logo at 2nd boot stage instead of framebuffer copying.
  • gfxrst=4 to disable framebuffer init interaction during 2nd boot stage.
  • igfxframe=frame to inject a dedicated framebuffer identifier into IGPU (only for TESTING purposes).
  • igfxsnb=0 to disable IntelAccelerator name fix for Sandy Bridge CPUs.
  • igfxgl=0 to disable Metal support on Intel.
  • -igfxnohdmi to disable DP to HDMI conversion patches for digital sound.
  • -cdfon (and enable-hdmi20 property) to enable HDMI 2.0 patches.
  • -igfxdump to dump IGPU framebuffer kext to /var/log/AppleIntelFramebuffer_X_Y (available in DEBUG binaries).
  • -igfxfbdump to dump native and patched framebuffer table to ioreg at IOService:/IOResources/WhateverGreen
  • igfxcflbklt=1 boot argument (and enable-cfl-backlight-fix property) to enable CFL backlight patch
  • applbkl=0 boot argument to disable AppleBacklight.kext patches for IGPU. In case of custom AppleBacklight profile- read here.
  • -igfxmlr boot argument (and enable-dpcd-max-link-rate-fix property) to apply the maximum link rate fix.
  • -igfxhdmidivs boot argument (and enable-hdmi-dividers-fix property) to fix the infinite loop on establishing Intel HDMI connections with a higher pixel clock rate on SKL, KBL and CFL platforms.
  • -igfxlspcon boot argument (and enable-lspcon-support property) to enable the driver support for onboard LSPCON chips. Read the manual
  • -igfxi2cdbg boot argument to enable verbose output in I2C-over-AUX transactions (only for debugging purposes).
  • igfxfcmsfbs= boot argument (complete-modeset-framebuffers device property) to specify indices of connectors for which complete modeset must be enforced. Each index is a byte in a 64-bit word; for example, value 0x010203 specifies connectors 1, 2, 3. If a connector is not in the list, the driver’s logic is used to determine whether complete modeset is needed. Pass -1 to disable.


  • Apple for macOS
  • AMD for ATOM VBIOS parsing code
  • The PCI ID Repository for multiple GPU model names
  • FireWolf for the DPCD maximum link rate fix, infinite loop fix for Intel HDMI connections and LSPCON driver support
  • Floris497 for the CoreDisplay patches
  • Fraxul for original CFL backlight patch
  • headkaze for Intel framebuffer patching code and CFL backlight patch improvements
  • hieplpvip for initial AppleBacklight patching plugin
  • igork for power-gating patch discovery and various FP research
  • lvs1974 for continuous implementation of Intel and NVIDIA fixing code
  • mologie for creating NVWebDriverLibValFix.kext which forces macOS to recognize NVIDIA’s web drivers as platform binaries
  • PMheart for CoreDisplay patching code and Intel fix backporting
  • RehabMan for various enhancements
  • RemB for continuing sleep-wake research and finding the right register for AMD issues
  • Vandroiy for maintaining the GPU model detection database
  • YungRaj and syscl for Intel fix backporting
  • vit9696 for writing the software and maintaining it



  • Added igfxfw=2 boot argument and igfxfw IGPU property to load Apple GuC firmware
  • Added igfxpavp=1 boot argument (and igfxpavp property) to force enable PAVP output
  • Added igfxfcms=1 boot argument (and complete-modeset property) on Skylake and Apple
  • Improved performance with Lilu 1.4.3 APIs
  • Added -igfxfbdbg boot argument to debug IGPU framebuffer (debug builds only)
  • Added igfxagdc=0 boot argument and disable-agdc IGPU property to disable AGDC
  • Added igfxonln=1 boot argument and force-online IGPU property force online status for all displays
  • Added igfxonlnfbs=MASK boot argument and force-online-framebuffers IGPU property to override display status


  • Enabled CoreLSKD streaming patches by default for AMD hardware DRM on Ivy Bridge
  • Repurposed 64 bit for FP 2.x streaming hardware accelerated streaming patches (can be used as shikigva=80)
  • Fixed accelerator name update logic for X4xxx kexts
  • Fixed Verde IOGVACodec injection to make hardware video decoder work
  • Enable software TV+ decoding on all CPUs without IGPU (shikigva=256)
  • Added HEVC capabilities to AMD6 decoders for all GPUs (disabled by -radnogva or disable-gva-support)
  • Added HW decoder device-id spoofing via -radcodec boot-arg, by @osy86
5.28 更新WEG 1.3.9
Added igfxdumpdelay boot argument to delay -igfxdump in ms
Partially fix ICL framebuffer patching
Add support to injecting Force_Load_FalconSMUFW from OpenCore
Disabled automatic enabling of GVA for Polaris on 10.13 and lower
Replaced -radnogva argument with radgva=0/1 to force GVA for Polaris
Added wegtree=1 boot argument (rebuild-device-tree property) to force device renaming on Apple FW
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