【Update model】

  1. Mechrevo X8ti-G
  2. Mechrevo X9ti(all version)
  3. Mechrevo Z2 R(8th cpu/20th Gpu)
  4. Mechrevo Z2(9th cpu ver.)
  5. Mechrevo Z2 Air-G.
  6. Mechrevo Z2 Air(9th cpu ver.)
  7. Mechrevo X3(9th cpu ver.)
  8. Mechrevo Umi Air(9th cpu ver.)

【Update detail】

  1. Fix the sleep(important);
  2. Change the method of trackpad;
  3. Other improvement;

【Download Link】

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【Previous Version】

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  1. You must delete all of you old BOOT & Clover folders and use diskgenuis to put new files. Do not directly copy them to the esp partition.
  2. Please be careful that do not remove the microsoft boot folder.


If you think this update is useful to you, please donate me. Thanks a lot.

【Communicate Group】

  1. 948023419;
  2. 436905405.