Please read this article as carefully as you can before you use this site.

Dear visitors:
First of all, you are welcome to visit "Mechrevo-hackintosh". This website is my personal blog and is not an official after-sales website for "hackintosh". Therefore, if you feel that I have any obligations or responsibilities to you, please leave this website now.
This website mainly provides the EFI files required for installing the MAC OS of the "Mechrevo" series notebooks and the necessary tutorials for installation. At the same time, in order to ensure normal use, the necessary updates will be made with Apple's system update (if there is any effort). My original intention is simply to provide you with another way to use a computer, not to think of anything big.

I personally did not object to the "handing-party" at first. After all, the documents were provided in this blog, and everyone can pick it up, but the behavior of some of them is too hurt. They don't read any tutorials while using the files, just the various requirements that I do for you. If I am not satisfied, they will smash and insult me. Here, I want to say that you are rather enough, if As it happens, you are also this kind of person, I want to ask you, stop visiting this blog immediately, thank you, I really have no intention to serve you.
I sincerely hope that everyone can install MAC OS on their own efforts. After all, MAC OS is friendly to programmers, video editors, and small partners with office needs. Please self-exploration, all I can do is provide you with the necessary documents, nothing more.
Not easy, please know.

首先,欢迎你们访问“Mechrevo-hackintosh”。这个网站是我的个人博客,并不是官方的关于“hackintosh”的售后网站。所以,如果您觉得,我对您负有什么义务或者责任的话, 请您现在离开这个网站。
这个网站主要提供“Mechrevo”系列笔记本安装MAC OS所需的EFI文件和安装必要的教程,同时为了保证使用正常,会随着Apple的系统更新而进行必要的更新(如果心有余力的话)。我的初衷仅仅是给大家提供另一种使用电脑的方式,并非想有什么大的作为。

我衷心希望大家能够靠自己的努力安装上MAC OS。毕竟MAC OS对编程人员、视频剪辑人员和有办公需求的小伙伴比较友好。请大家自我探索,我所能做的仅仅是为您提供必要的文件,仅此而已。



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